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When it comes to water, mold, fire, and smoke damage, we know that you have a lot of questions. This resource is a list of questions we commonly encounter.

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Water, Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration FAQs

This obviously depends on the fire, but for the time immediately after the fire then answer is probably a no. There are several different ways that the safety of your home could have been compromised that need to be inspected by a professional before you should enter it again. A few of these are structural damage, smoke and soot in the air, and the possibility of being electrocuted by a damaged electrical systems.

People often make the mistake of tossing their possessions that were damaged by a fire before they are inspected. We at Restoration 1 of Orlando have all the state-of the-art technologies used by restoration companies that can restore your possessions even after they have been significantly damaged.

The air quality after a fire is typically pretty bad. Even days after the fire you may want to consider wearing an oxygen mask when you go back in to filter out the smoke and soot in the air. Soot is especially dangerous as it is composed of tiny burnt particles that are often carcinogenic and can cause other serious health problems.

Restoration 1 of Orlando makes sure to thoroughly go through each step of the restoration process to ensure you receive the best quality care available. It is difficult to estimate how the process may take as it depends on the extent of the damage and how many belongings you have inside. This could range anywhere from a couple hours to a few weeks.

Call 911 without delay! Your safety is the number one priority. One the fire is put out and the situation is under control call us at (704) 251-7459. We will get professionals out to your home right away to assess the situation and help you work with your insurance company as well.

This is the last thing you want to take on yourself. Not only is fire damage restoration a difficult process, it can also be quite dangerous. For all types of fire damage restoration, minor or serious, allow Restoration 1 of Orlando to manage the problem for you.

The main safety concern after a fire to be aware of is smoke and soot inhalation. Even just a couple minutes inside a smoke and soot filled building can be enough to cause sickness and serious health problems.

Yes. You should document all of your valuable possessions that were and weren’t damaged in the fire. This should include written documentation along with before and after photos documenting the damage.

We understand the working with your insurance company can be a stressful and frustrating process. We will be there by your side to help you work with your insurance company and get the claim that you deserve.

Water damage can cause a host of serious problems throughout your home. The excess water can cause mold and mildew to grow which, in turn, can lead to health problems such as allergies, skin infections, and respiratory problems. The water can also weaken the structure of your home and cause the wood to warp.

First of all, shut off your water! Don’t led the flood become any worse than it already is. Then, you should also shut off your electricity to avoid the threat of electrocution. Once you have done both of those things give us a call at (704) 251-7459 so we can get out to your home and fix the problem.

This depends of the seriousness of the flood, but the safe answer is a no. Going back in your home after a flood can be dangerous for a couple of reasons. First, you could be at risk of electrocution with the floodwater conducting an electrical current to you. Second, the flood water could contain harmful bacteria and microorganisms and can cause serious diseases like cholera and typhoid fever.

Restoration 1 of Orlando responds to a water damage call by getting out to the scene of the damage as soon as possible to evaluate the damage. Then, our next step is to remove all excess water and then dry out any of the remaining moisture by using industrial fans and other methods. After this, we are able to go through your damaged possessions one by one and restore the damage done to them. Depending on the amount of damage, this process can take anywhere from a day to a couple weeks.

The main causes of water damage include leaking pipes or appliances, drainage problems, clogged sinks or toilets, and naturally caused flooding.

Common signs of water damage include a musty odor indicative of mold, warped or bucked ceilings, and a higher than average water bill.

The moment you notice water damage your first action should be to prevent the damage from getting worse. For example, if you have a leak you should turn your water off to stop the leaking. Then you should air out the affected areas if there is a lot of excess moisture. Then, give us a call at (704) 251-7459 so we can fix the issue.

First of all, do your research. There are lots of certified restoration companies, but only a few that can give you the quality of service you need. One very important quality to look for is a company that can respond 24/7 to emergencies so they can be at your door soon after you call. Give us a call at Restoration 1 of Orlando so our trained professionals can give you the effective, quality service you deserve.

There isn’t much you need to do to do this. Simply shut off your water and air out your home as much possible.

This largely depends on the severity of the damage and how many possessions that are in your home. Usually, however, the restoration process can take anywhere from one day to a couiple weeks. s

Mold Remediation FAQs

Mold and mildew aren’t exactly the same thing, although they are in the same category. The main distinction between the two is that mildew is a surface fungi and will only be found growing on the surface. Mold indicates a more serious problem and is able to actually grow inside your walls and ceilings.

Mold absolutely can be dangerous, but it is often exaggerated how dangerous it actually is. Most molds, despite their ugly and disgusting appearance pose no real threat to your health. Some types of mold can cause minor to moderate respiratory issues usually for the young, elderly, and immune-compromised. “Black mold”, and it is commonly called is one of the more dangerous types of mold that can cause serious respiratory problems if its spores are breathed in too much.

Mold doesn’t take long to spread at all. After an initial flood, mold typically begins growing within 24-48 hours. This timeframe can be sped up or decreased based off of the climate and how much the house is aired out. Humid climates lend to quicker mold growth while airing a building as much as possible after a flood will slow down or prevent mold from growing.

The first way most people detect mold growth before actually seeing it is by detecting a musty odor. If you detect a musty odor in your home you should investigate the issue. Call us at (704) 251-7459 so we can send someone out to help you determine if you have mold problem.

The two main weather factors that affect mold growth are heat and humidity. As heat and humidity increase, so does the likelihood of mold growth. In areas with very high humidity, mold is likely to grow in the windowsills and bathrooms even without any initial leaks or water damage.

A small amount of mold growing on the tile in your bathroom shouldn’t be a problem for you to handle. What you really need to look out for is when mold burrows its way inside your walls and ceiling. If this is the case, you definitely need professional help.

Mold inside your walls is a serious issue. First of all, it is problematic because it can easily spread to other parts of your home once this has happened. Second, mold that is inside your walls and ceiling is very difficult to remove. In fact, this often meets that parts of your walls or ceiling will have to be removed so the mold can be seen and completely removed. If this isn’t done right and all the mold is removed it will begin to grow back again leaving you right back off where you were before. Don’t hesitate to call us at (704) 251-7459 if you’re afraid this has happened to you.

This largely depends on the amount of mold and how much it has spread. Give us a call so our restoration experts can take a look. Typically, it will take anywhere from a few days to a few week to clean up the mold.

Mold is pretty obvious when you see it, but another to detect is by noticing a misty smell coming from within your home.

Mold in your home is definitely not a good thing, but not all mold is as bad as people make it out to be. In fact, there will always be at least some mold in any home simply because it is naturally occurring. Nonetheless, there are certain types of mold that are very hazardous and should be removed from your home as soon as you find it.


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